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Shadow Copies Enabled on Exchange 2007 CCR Cluster?

Hi All,
Here is some information on my environment:
Running Exchange 2007 Continuous Cluster Replication
Have a legacy Exchange 2003 environment with very little that still resides on it
Running Symantec Backup Exec 12 to backup my Exchange Environment

With all of that being said, I have noticed that for some reason unknown to me, that Windows has Shadow Copies enabled and it's killing my disk space.  It is running on both the active and passive nodes on ONLY the logs and database volumes.  Here is how it is setup:


Active Node Setting:
Log Volume = Maximum of 60000MB  (60GB)
Database Volume = Maximum of 60000MB  (60GB)


Passive Node Setting:
Log Volume = Maximum of 13949MB  (14GB)
Database Volume = Maximum of 114,235MB  (114GB)

Our sister-company has almost the exact environment as we do and they do not have Shadow Copies enabled.  It seems to me like this was purposely set by someone and I have no idea why.  The question I have is:
Is this needed by Exchange?  Backup Exec?  I haven't been able to see any documentation that suggests "yes", but I figured that I would give it one last shot before I just turned it off.  It also doesn't make much sense WHY it would be needed.

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