Subform tool grayed out.

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I need to add a subform to an existing form.
I’m not using any pivot tables.
There are no objects on my form that are highlighted.
‘Use Control Wizards’ is active (orange).

But the ‘Subform in New Window’ tool is grayed out and don’t work.

What can cause this?
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Open your main form in Design view.
You should now be able just to Drag the form you want for the subform right on to the main form, which will insert a subform control, with your Form as the Source Object.  If that doesn't work, then something else is going on.  

Are you trying to put a Continuous (or datasheet) view subform in the Detail section of a Main form?  If so ... there is a special trick for that ...

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
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<I need to add a subform to an existing form.>
Well then this is not what "Subform in New Window" would do anyway...
So I am a bit confused here...
Subform in New Window, will open a subform "In Design View" in a new Window, not add a subform to an existing form.

If you simply need to add a subform to a form, use what MX posted above, or simply click the Subform tool (While in design view of the main form) to add a subform



My appology for any confusion.

I can add a subform to my main form - this is not problem.

The problem was that some DB information on another table is not always required by the user.
So a 'pop-up' form would have been tidier.

I assumed that 'subform in new window' would do that.

I have successfully created a form in another window but this may have raised other issues for me. But I will leave them for a different post.


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