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I just took over a LAN/WAN that is having issues with WSUS. I've noticed the GPO setting "Enable Client Side Targeting" & it is enabled with only one of my remote offices listed. I have office1, office2, and office3. Office1 is the only one showing in the setting. What kind of issues can this cause? Should I add the other 2 offices to this setting & if so how? office1, office2, office3 or office1; office2; office3??
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Should have separate settings for each office.

You should also ensure that the Client Side group has been created within the WSUS Console otherwise the clients will not be added to the group.

Effectively, you should create the WSUS Groups first eg Office1, Office2 etc

Then create individual GPO's for each group and apply that GPO to the specific OU that the devices each reside in.

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