Is it safe to sync photos on my iphone

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I have an iphone, I copy content on and off using itunes on both of my computers (home desktop and work laptop) both windows PCs with itunes.
So I never liked the "sync" thing, I like to be able to drag stuff on and off as I need to.
Now with my pictures I would really like to be able to create different "albums" or folders on the phone instead of just the one "Camera Roll". I read that you can only do this if you sync your photos. so if I turn on "sync" for photos will it delete all my pictures on my phone?
Will I then be able to add pictures from my PC to the library but only from one computer?
I am most scared of losing my photos. I have many on the phone.
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You won't lose what is on the phone. I move my pictures off of my iPhone regularly and put them in folders on my PC. Those folders are automatically included in the sync for iTunes so they get copied back to the phone in the approriate "album" titled the same as the folder name.
jim is correct.  But if you'd like to be reassured before you sync, you could connect the iPhone to the PC, and look in My Computer, under Scanners and Cameras.  You'll see your iPhone there, listed as a "digital camera".  You can then double click on the iPhone to get an Explorer-type view of all the pictures on the "camera roll" on the iPhone.  At that point, using Explorer, you could, if you like, copy all those pictures somewhere safe on your hard drive, so that you can sync with confidence that even if the pics on the iPhone are obliterated (which they won't be), you have spares safe and sound on the hard drive.

Note that this applies to pictures in the iPhone's "Camera roll" only.  Pictures in the "Photo library" are assumed to exist on your PC somewhere already.



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