Creating an online-shop with multiple languages with Magento 1.5

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I whant to have my Magento shop to offer two (later more) languages.
I have created three views with the names "English" and "German". (Btw. where do you need the "Code" setting in "Store View Information"?). Now the pull down menu with the two languages appear in the store.

For SEO benefits, I whant to use distinct top level domains for distinct languages: a de-domain for German and the com-Domain für english version of the shop. The domain switch works fine according to my URL settings.

But there is a problem with the switch of the language specific contents!
The language of pre-defined menus like "My Account", the category names and product title and descriptions are changed randomly. Sometimes they are in the correct language for the domain, sometimes they are different.

1. What settings are to be adjusted for language specific views?
2. Does magento handle the top level domain separation of languages? Or are there any issues known?  How to solve?
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RE: Btw. where do you need the "Code" setting in "Store View Information"?
When doing a multi website or multi store implementation you probably need to edit the .htaccess file or your servers vhost settings to get the proper store to load.

Q1: you do not really need to adjust any setting b/c you have a store specific view. You just need to make sure you add the translations into any appropriate areas.

EX: In the admin go to Catalog -> Manage Attributes. Then Select an attribute and go the the second tab on the left. Here you can define the name for that attribute in each store. this is how you would change the attribute name per language.
When editing the products you can also change between the stores to provide different descriptions, names, ect.. for each language.

Q2: I am not exactly sure what you are asking here, but as long as you have the ent_vars set in the vhost file or htaccess file the proper site will be loaded.
Here is a doc on how to set things up. Look at step 3 "Store Configuration in the Server". the part about setting up the htaccess file is important to have the correct site load.

Here is a link to some documentation you might find useful down the road.

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