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I have an Intermec 700 series Pocket PC that I am trying to sync with active-sync on a windows 7 machine. I have the device connected through com1 and I installed Windows Mobile Device Center which I believe replaced active-sync and the device is not detected by my windows machine. I tried to use windows XP mode and I installed several different versions of active-sync ranging from 3.0 to 4.5 and the program goes through the dectedtion process but fails to communicate with device. I have my firewalls turned off and I ensured that com1 is enabled in settings on both virtual and device manager. It is my understanding that when the device is in the cradle it should automatically setup a connection. When I run the connection wizard it says com1 is available but it fails to see the device. I tried performing a warm and cold boot but it still wont sync with pc. Anyone using an Intermec 700 series with a Windows 7 that can point out how to sync this device would be greatly appreciated.

Intermec Model 700
Microsoft Pocket PC version 3.0.11171 (Build 11178)
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hjgodeTier 3 Senior Technical Support Engineer


looks like serial connection is no longer supported: see "However serial synchronization and infrared is no longer supported." at bottom of page

I will check this tomorrow (Win7 x64, WMDC, Intermec 700 PPC2003)
Tier 3 Senior Technical Support Engineer

I did a short test and was unable to connect the 730 using a serial connection to the Win7 PC's WMDC. Although WMDC offers a COM1 connection option and the 730 offers serial ActiveSync connections too, no one of the both started an ActiveSync connection.

Furthermore the device was also unable to connect ActiveSync serial to Windows 7 Virtual PC Mode after mapping COM1 (WIN7)->COM1 (VirtualPC).

Fortunately the Intermec 730 desktop docking station has an USB connector and that connects the device successfully to my Win7 WMDC.

Serial seems not to be supported by WMDC




Thanks for the help! I wonder if I can get a usb docking station for my device.
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hjgodeTier 3 Senior Technical Support Engineer

There are some surplus or used available. For example " Intermec Model 700C Modem Dock  225-683-002" at

The 700 color dock features a serial port, an usb port (for ActiveSync), an ethernet port (not usable with 73x devices) and a power connector for charging.


Cool, thanks for looking into that for me!

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