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I have an iPad2 that is connected to my POP3 mail.  I also have a desktop that I use for email (client is Outlook 2007) and an iPhone.  My issue is if I download messages on my iPad2, I receive them without any issues.  If I then open Outlook and download the same messages that I had previously done on my iPad2, Outlook works fine, but the messages delete from the iPad?  Doing the same function from my iPhone allows me to have a copy of the message in two places, Outlook and the iPhone (messages do not delete), but they only do from the iPad.  Settings are the same between the iPad and the iPhone.  Any ideas?
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Typically with POP the messages download to the client and are removed from the server.  If possible see if your email carrier has IMAP capability and then setup all of your clients (Outlook, iPhone, iPad2) with the IMAP settings.  This way everything is controlled from the server.

wnead is spot on. POP3 has that drawback.
You might want to see if there's a POP3 setting that keeps the email on the server.

If you go to your mail settings on Outlook 2007, under advanced, the bottom porton of that screen has a checkbox for Leave a copy of messages on server. If that is unchecked (which I expect it is) it will delete email from your ipad.

If you enable that checkbox, it should fix your problem I'm thinking.

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