How to get id value of Main.mxml file to CustomPanel.mxml file?

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I have a method in CustomPanel.mxml and i need to use id which is available in Main.mxml

Below is my sample code

<local:CustomDividedBox id="div1">

private function xxxx(){
div1.state = (div1.state == CustomDividedBox.COLLAPSE ? CustomDividedBox.EXPAND : CustomDividedBox.COLLAPSE);


Plz provide some sample code.

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I think I understand what you want, looks like you are trying implementing toogle feature in CustomDividedBox what I think is good idea. So, add this function into your

public function toggle():void{
   state = (state == CustomDividedBox.COLLAPSE ? CustomDividedBox.EXPAND : CustomDividedBox.COLLAPSE);

Now you can call ths function anytime and apply for any Divided boxes

private function contextMenuItem_propertiesSelect(evt:ContextMenuEvent):void {

if your Custompanel is used as component in Main.mxml then you could pass a reference to the div1 CustomDividedBox to your Custompanel.

Sample code for Main.mxml
<local:CustomDividedBox id="div1"/>
<local:Custompanel id="panel" box="{div1}"/>

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You need to add a variable "box" to your Custompanel class and use this in your xxxx function:
			import CustomDividedBox;
			public var box:CustomDividedBox;
			private function xxxx():void {
				box.state = (box.state == CustomDividedBox.COLLAPSE) ? 
								CustomDividedBox.EXPAND : 

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Just a question: are you using states in your CustomDividedBox and want to change the state of the box? Then you would have to use the property box.currentState instead of box.state.


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