Reset BIOS settings for PCIe.

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Asus M3A motherboard
Windows 7
Trying to test a USRobotics PCIe 56k modem for use in a condo customers door entry system.
Didn't work at first so I removed it and rebooted into the BIOS and enabled PCIe. (Big mistake, wasn't thinking).

Now boots with no video, 1 long, 3 short beeps, and no way to get back into the BIOS to reset.

I took the CMOS battery out and replaced hoping that would reset settings to default disenable the PCIe.

No jjoy.

2 short beeps, a series of long beeps (about 8?) than 2 long.

Is there anyway to reset this?
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Check to make sure the bios reset jumper is on the right pins, mine came set to bios reset, gave me about an hour of fun. Don't just use the bios reset pin to reset bios, unplug the power supply from the back, wait until the green LED on the motherboard goes out, then pull the cmos battery out for no less than a minute. Replace the battery and see if you get any joy on post.
Try a search for BIOS beep codes for your model motherboard.  The results should tell you exactly what is wrong.  Also, the manufacturer site for your board will have reset steps.
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They're trying to get a new mobo working.
This PC was working till I changed the BIOS setting.
I'm using a GTS 8800 which had been working perfectly until the BIOS change.
I have everything "physically" back to normal.
My guess is that the PC is now looking for a PCIe display adapter and not finding one.


The GTS 8800 is plugged into the PCIEX16_1


Here's the beep reading:
"Display Memory Read/Write Error       Video adapter is missing, incorrectly seated or has faulty memory".
I thing its looking for the PCIe and not finding it.
Taking a break and contemplating new mobo, Googling Asus M3A beeps, no Bios, and some others.

Found this in a "Yahoo" forum:
"try pressing ctrl F11 on boot up and follow on screen instructions"

It worked.
Booted right to what looked like Safe Mode" but eally wasn't.

Rebooted and everything back to normal.

Wondering why this isn't somewhere inr the Asus troubleshooting menu or at least on thier boards.

Thanks to all who responded.


BTW, this isn't a Dell.
Totally home grown.


Here's what I found on a 3 year old Yahoo forum:

"Question: How do I restore factory BIOS settings on ASUS M3A Motherboard?
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try pressing ctrl F11 on boot up and follow on screen instructions"
3 years ago


Thanks for jumping.

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