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how presence information works/updated in communicator


we have Office communication server 2007 R1 along with Exchange 2003 Enterprise in our organization. everything is working fine but still i wanted to know how presence informaiton works OR in other word i should ask what component is responsible for presence information.
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the component that manage it is the presence aggregator script that runs on the server and aggregate presence information from toaster, OC, Outlook and displays it all.
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great, thanks for reply, but elaborate it for me a little bit i mean how outlook understand that and show it
no outlook does nothing, OCSt does it all. so OCS collect the free/busy information from Exchange and displays it.
OK, but how exchange can provide free/busy information itself. i belive exchange itself depends on OCS for this info.
do you mean how Exchange knew the free/busy information? it is from the Calendar, Exchange cannot know if you have a call or a conf. call unless they are stored in your Calender.
gotch. what about other status like away, do not disturb and all ?
Those are OCS specific, they come from calling status, they are not related to Exchange, the Exchange just reflects the end result status.
OK, so let me brief it once.
presence aggregator script runs on OCS front end server and aggregate the presence information from Exchange calender and OCS calling status all together and display it on outlook and other places.

Please correct me if i m wrong anywhere.
also i tried to search toaster.exe on my OCS server but no luck.
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One last question friend.

i understand the calender and calling status but where it get away status like if i leave my computer unlocked for a while my status get changed as away or idle. how do that happen ?
please update on this..