DNS replication issues on W2K8 R2 Dc child domain

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We have an AD domain with the root domain being abc.local, we have added multiple child domains over the years with no issues, we have say us.abc.local, ca.abc.local etc.
I wanted to create a new child domain us.abc.local the server is W2K8 R2, the first DC in the abc.local domain is W2K8, and with a mixture of windows 2003 DC's as well.
The child domain created fine but when i tried to make the DNS zone au. Abc.local forest wide I get the error, i can change the server to replicate to all DC's in the forest but it doesn’t work.
When i had the dc1.abc.local to the NS server is says "the server with this IP address is not authoritative for the required zone". i have tried manually copying the zone (zone transfer) this completed but is not updated. We also have issues with site replication with the following error:

The RPC service is not available, although I can ping by FQDN and NetBIOS.
the other child domains and the root domains have however replicated to the au. Abc.local DC/DNS.
I have a feeling it maybe down to IPv6or SP1 for W2K8 R2 not being installed, i have now installed SP1; I have also removed the DNS role from the server and re-added it with the same errors.
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Sounds like maybe you created a child domain but did not delegate the DNS zone.


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