How to upgrade from Windows server2008 standard sp1 to Server 2008 R2

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Hi we have a Server 2008 Standard and want to ipgrade it to R2, does anyone have a step by step guide of how to do this and what you need to do to prepare for it?

We will be upgrading a  DC, DNS, Antivirus, File Server, Print server,DHCP server from server 2008 Standard to 2008 standard R2.

there is also another server which is running exchange 2007 i mention this so as to rule out that once svr1 is upgraded  that the exchange server stops running as this would be very bad


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Are you talking about doing an inplace upgrade or standing up new 2008 R2 box and making that an additional DC?

Is your current 2008 box 32 bit or 64 bit?


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I would not upgrade.  I would replace.  Upgrades, while supported (IF you are upgrading x64 to x64) are never as clean as a migration where you replace the server to be upgraded with a new install (this doesn't necesssarily mean replacing the hardware - you could do things virtually).

If you do it, there should be an upgrade check on the 2008 R2 media and even then, you want to create BACKUPS first - even when things SHOULD work, they DON'T ALWAYS work.  Check your third party apps for compatibility with R2.  

And before actually proceeding, setup a test network and do it once or twice in an environment where you can break it without killing your actual network.


We want to upgrade a current server 2008 standard and it is 64bit OS.

This is the only DC on the network so it is crucial that we retain all info setting/programs etc from the upgrade.



So basically what you are saying is if you are going to do anything to change the OS on your DC Server move it to competly new hardware rather than an upgrade of the existing OS.

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