Using internal DNS to redirect Intranet request to external web site

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Hi, we have a local intranet.  We'll give it a server name of 'intranet'.  its FQDN will be

We are running Windows 2003 Active Directory

'intranet' has a typical Host (A) record in our Forward Lookup Zone

We also have a external web site:

Right now, we have a hardcoded link off of our Intranet called 'acme website', that forwards users to

the link is as follows:


is it possible to configure my internal DNS to handle this forwading?

Basically, anytime a user requests http://intranet/acmeweb2011 our DNS directs them to where it isn't dependant on code/manual entires in our Intranet configuration.

I don't, however, want any other http://intranet/* requests to change how they operate.

We have a new web guy cleaning up a bunch of stuff on our intranet making this request and I wasn't sure if it was possible.

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This isn't possible with only DNS.  DNS doesn't know anything about the request.  The only thing DNS knows is the IP address of "intranet".  So, it will happily return the IP address of "intranet" but has no idea what /acmeweb2011 is and therefore won't do anything with it.
You can manually create DNS entry to the server not for a web address.  It can be only used within your domain/ LAN.

for example you have a server called "" and if you create a DNS entry for that to translate "xyz",  internal users can access its web as http://xyz/

If you want to use it externally from www - I don't think your local DNS can handle them.
You can have your public zone setup in your INTERNAL DNS ZONES, and setup the "WWW" a record to point to the public IP of your web sounds like you may already have this done.

As for the code of the website that lives at "http://intranet/acmeweb2011", the default.htm of that website should have the following as the code:


And this will auto-redirect with a 0 second delay (change 'content="0...' to a higher number if you want a delay, like if you wanted to display a message before redirection).


Thank you everyone for confirming my initial thoughts on this!  I won't waste anymore time on it.

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