Issues connecting to mailbox after exchange migration

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I have just completed an exchange 2003-->2010 SP1 migration and everything seems to have gone fine aparts from a couple of issues, I have one user who is unable to connect to his mailbox either from his local client, or the terminal server (OWA works though).

The error that I get are

Unable to open your default e-mail folders. The microsoft exchange server computer is not available. Either there are network problems or the Microsoft Exchange server is down for maintenance.

I am getting this error from a terminal server with 20 users all working and connected to the exchange server fine, the issue is just with this 1 user.

I have checked the encryption settings on the server using Get-RpcClientAccess and EncryptionRequired is set to False (which I believe is the default for an SP1 installation anyway)

It is strange that I am just getting this for one user but from multiple clients.

I also have another user who has not been moved from the 2003 server who has lost permissions on people calendars (that have been moved to 2010) who they had access to before. Not sure if it is linked.
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Is the user's Outlook profile setup correctly?  I know that Outlook 2007 and newer will query your internal DNS for a record called "autoconfigure" which should point to the IP of your CAS server.  Try manually configuring the Outlook profile rather than going with what it auto-detects and see if that fixes your issue.  Also verify in the EMC that the user is on the store that you expect them to be.  If you setup the Exchange system using best practices, you most likely have multiple servers running different roles (CAS/TRANSPORT/MBOX).  It is easy to accidentally have a user on one of these OTHER servers if you have a mailbox store on one of them.  


Thanks for your reply we only have 1 Exchange 2010 server at the moment. I have tried recreating the mail profile a number of times, if I click on the check names button it crashes both from the Terminal Server and the users laptop. I have to manually enter the server details and the users username.
Crashes as in freezes outlook where you have to end the task, or crashes the server as in reboots?

They aren't hidden from the address book or anything are they?  Or were they previously?


Crashes Outlook server is fine.

Definitely not hidden. I am installing rollup 3 tonight to see if that has any affect some of the fixes in there should help us with a couple of other things we are having.

Cheers for the response


The rollup fixed the issues.

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