Why does the Admin password in Hyper V virtual server  (Windows 2008 R2) not work?

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I just set up a Windows 2008 R Virtual Server in Hyper V.  The first time I logged in I was forced to change the admin password.  When I attempt to log in for the first time with the new password, I get a user name or password is incorrect.  I am 100% sure the new password is correct. Any ideas?
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if you do not know what the password is.

You will have to "crack" it.

see here




Using a Windows 2008 DVD


Can you reset or recreate new password?
When you recreate it, make sure to include at least one capital letter, one number or a special charater.
I usually set these types of FIRST TIME passwords to one that is easy to remember, but meets password complexity requirements like "Password1234".  Of course do not go into production with a local admin password like this!

The previous poster is correct, you will have to CRACK it, I'd recommend downloading the ISO of Heirams BOOT CD, mounting it on the VM, and telling the VM to boot from CD.

ALTERNATIVELY, if you're SURE you're typing the password correctly, check your keyboard settings, check numlock, check CAPS lock, and make sure that everything is being READ correctly by the Hyper-V console.  You might try pasting the password into the Hyper-V console once it's on the clip-board so that you know it's working correctly, I'm not sure if the clipboard will translate into the Hyper-V machine, but it's worth a try.
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Heirams BOOT CD contains the same software as in


the above is a much quicker download to get you up and running.

But if you want no hack the registry method, the 2008 Boot DVD method also works very well as shown in the video.
Heirams contains a lot of other great utilities, but the previous poster is most likely correct, all of those utilities on Heirams are compilations of useful utilities.

I'd still verify that you were typing correctly / that the Hyper-V console was interpreting your keystrokes correctly.  Sometimes if you RDP to the server and run Hyper-V from within an RDP session I've had keyboard issues.


Tested locally and discovered something very strange.

The old password works with Hyper V and the new Password works with the admin account on the main server.

I changed the password in Hyper V guest OS and it resulted in changing the password in the main OS.

Here is the scenario as I best remember it - RDP -  When I created the Admin password in Hyper V, screen said I would need to change password the first time I logged into the Hyper V OS (Windows Server 2008). First time I log in - get the ctrl+ alt + delete screen, type ctrl+alt+delete, type in Admin password which was the same as the main Admin password. I then get a screen that gives me the option of  locking, changing the password or choosing task manager. I chose change password. Changed password and next login I get a screen that  has  administrator (user name) already typed in. I then type in the new password. Does not work (tried many times).  Send question to Expert Exchange. Receive many different solutions.

Later today, I tried the old admin Hyper V password (local not RDP) and I can log into the Virtual Server now. However,
Admin password no longer works on the main Server.  The new password I created in Hyper V now works for the admin account on the main Server.
Any idea how this could have happened?  Thanks

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