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ML370 G2 processor Fail light Issue

I came in to find this server in question with a failed processor. It would boot and run on one, then reboot sometimes. This is a antivirus server running Win 2003.
I decided to install 2 new processors (same speed and matching) and the 2 VRM mods that came with them. The system seemed to boot and run for a little, then would reboot. Now I have a yellow fail light on the board by each processor and it won't start. I have reseated everything and checked all connections. I have full dual power and have network and MB lights. Am I missing something or has the board just failed?  

Thanks for the help.
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Since the system is unreliable, why not eliminate windows and application software as the culprit.  Download an ubuntu live CD, pop up a game or something, let it run some read-only disk tests, etc .. .and see if it crashes.  If so, you KNOW it is hardware.

Note, if you have a HP support contract, then just call HP and let them verify everything.
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Both processors have a yellow fail light on the board next to them. I even put in the one old processor, unplugged it, powered it back on and I get the same thing. No post, and a red light on the power button.

No matter what, you can always get replacement parts that arrive dead.  I suggest you download the online manual and go through troubleshooting to confirm the problem is specific to processors, and not motherboard.  I also wouldn't risk taking a perfectly good system and plugging in the new processors, you never know, the processors may be blowing the motherboard.

But bottom line, unless you have a motherboard diagnostic card & the right software used by professionals to diagnose/fix motherboard problems, then all you can do is run the manufacturer's trouble shooting guide.  
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Pretty old box, cheaper to buy another one on eBay than replace parts.
OK, after making a few changes, the sever fired up fine with no errors. I logged into windows and ran the management software. Everything looked good, motherboard, processors, memory. Great!
I did a few updates and started running programs and it was fine. The management software showed 2 processors, but I only see one running in the task mgr. The server was up for 45 minutes and then suddenly went into a mild shut off, still running, but no OS and a red light on the front notifying me of an internal issue. Now I have a yellow light only on processor one. Processor  two is dark.
Anyone have an idea in this scenario?
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Hello, I have made my final notes and included my fix for this issue.

Thank You
This was my solution after trouble shooting and getting some help from the community.

Thank You