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We have a medical emr (presented app) onsite that maps the local default printers of the citrix clients to the servers with a session id #.  We are running into an issue with a few clients not able to print.  Upon further investigation the local client printer is set correctly on the pc side (we need tray2 by default).  We can look at this clients printer session id # on the citrix farm and the correct printer is selected but the printer properties are wrong - (tray 1 is selected).

We hav tried numerous things.  We have changed the citrix printer session id# settings to reflect the client pc side and it will not hold.  We have kicked this clients session out of citrix, deleted the pc's installed printer, created a new printer port, reinstalle the printer on the pc with the correct settings, and reconnected to citrix.  Still no luck.  

Any suggestions?  This is not happening on all devices that attach to this published app.  We have opened a ticket with our EMR vendor but an answer has not been provided as of yet.  
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The reason for this issue is printer properties are not retained in the Citrix session. To overcome this, you need to make use of Citrix printer properties retention policy available with Presentation server also known as xenapp advanced configuration.

First check if the setting is set to tray 2 on your local desktop printer properties. Give a test print without connecting to Citrix.


a. Goto Citrix Presentation console
b. Create a new policy>Printing>Client Printers>Printer properties retention>enable>select "Held in profile if not saved on client"
c. Now apply this policy based on user, servers and IPs etc

Open a Citrix session and you will find the changes done by the users.

For more information you can find the below information from Citrix prod docs:

To store users’ printer properties

    Depending on the version of XenApp you have installed:
        From the Start menu, open All Programs > Citrix > Administration Tools and choose XenApp Advanced Configuration.
        From the ICA toolbar, open the Presentation Server Console.
    In the left pane, select the Policies node.
    On the Contents tab, choose the policy for which you want to configure printing rules.
    From the Actions menu, choose Properties.
    In the policy’s Properties dialog box, select Printing > Client Printers > Printer properties retention.
    Select one of the following to specify where the printer properties should be stored:
        Held in profile only if not saved on client. Selected by default. Allows the system to determine the method. It stores printer properties on the client device, if available, or if not, in the user profile. Although this option is the most flexible, it can also slow down logon time and use extra bandwidth to perform the needed system-checking.

        Choose this option if your server farm requires backward compatibility with prior versions of XenApp and its plugins and is not constrained by bandwidth or logon performance.
        Saved on the client device only. Stores printer properties only on the client device. If users are assigned a Terminal Services mandatory profile or roaming profile, select this option.

        Choose this option only if all the servers in your farm are running XenApp 5 and your users are using Citrix XenApp Plugin versions 9.x and above.
        Retained in user profile only. Stores printer properties in the user profile on the server and prevents any properties exchange with the client device. This option is useful if your system is constrained by bandwidth (this option reduces network traffic) and logon speed or your users use legacy plugins. Note that this is applicable only if a Terminal Services roaming profile is used.
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One more thing, once you have created this policy, right click on it and apply it based on user or IP or device etc. Only then it will work. Also before testing, make sure user is out from all Citrix session and login fresh.


I will give this a try.  Questions:  This just showed up and we have been running on this environment for 1.5 years.  No updates have been done.  It is only happening on 2 out of 70 clients.  Is this something that shows itself right away or will all of my clients eventually see this issue?

Also, you mention creating a policy based on user, server, ip.  I assume since you said user I can apply this policy to an AD group?
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If the 2 user has same rights as other users then this is a global issue which the other people didn't mind it. If the policy is already applied and only few users are having this problem with respective to certain printers, then we may have to check print drivers which will be our next step.

Yes, you can filter based on the AD groups or individual users as well.

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