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Hello Experts,

I have a rather strange incident occuring in my Access dropdown controls, that i'll try to explain.

Lets say i have a dropdown with the following values:


Normally, when caps lock is off and i start typing app each letter is overwriten until the user finds a match, as it is expected.

However, when caps is on and i start typing APP the first p is converted to lower-case and the autocorect icon pops up, however the second i type in the 3rd letter it contines caps, and the dropdown stops overwritting, so i end up with ApPLESples

How come it stops replacing? Is there an easy fix to this, or should i have on every dropdown's gotFocus turn-off caps.  I'm not even sure if this is possible?  

Any thoughts?
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look at the dropdown's keydown, keypress or keyup events.
see if there are any codes run on those events.
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No, the only dropdown event is LostFocus
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try doing compact and repair
Tools >Database utilities > compact and repair database

if problem persists,
* do a decompile
   see this link

* after that, create a blank db and import all objects
* open the VBA window and do
     Debug > Compile
     correct any errors raised

* do a compact and repair
Nothing to do with a Corruption, its problably caused by Allow Autocorrect property.

Set the this on NO.

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Cool, it worked!

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