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Dear Experts,

Using Access 2010 I have a list box "Firm List" & want to enable the user to filter another list box "People List" on the same form to show data filtered by what they selected in the "Firm List" list box.

So for example .... "Firm List" shows all companies, when they select, say firm "ABC" then the second list box "People List" should list all employees for "ABC" by name.

Can anybody help
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in the afterupdate event of listbox "Firm List", filter the rowsource of listbox "People List"
* note avoid using spaces in names of controls

private sub FirmList_afterupdate()
me.PeoleList.rowsource="select employees, company from table where company=" & chr(34) & me.FirmList & chr(34)

end sub


brilliant - thank you very much

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