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Hey I am using ASP .NET 2008 (3.5) with C# code behind also using jquery.  I want to be able to setup a way so that if a customer clicked on our google adwords it would display a different contact number on the website page.  The phone number on the webpage is in a span with the class labeled "phone".  So basically if they have reached the site by clicking on the adwords I want to display a different phone number and if they have not reached the side by clicking on the adwords to leave the phone number as is.
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we can hide or show the controls in jquery by class name.




write this code in Javascript function and call adwords area.


Yeah I am familiar with the .show and .hide, I am not sure how to determine if the customer was referred by the google adwords or not.  What code can I use to determine that?
use the Google Adwords API..

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