audiences not seeing group membership for new employees

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We're using Audiences to personalize some of the content on our home page.

It's been working fine for over a year.  HOWEVER, now when a new employee joins the team and they are added to the correct AD group, they are not compiled into the proper audiences.  They *DO* have access to SharePoint, it's jus tthat for some reason when SharePoint goes to compile audiences it's not detecting that these new individuals have been added to our group in AD.  I've verified directly in AD that yes these people ARE in the proper AD groups.

Same problem when I try to just directly add the user to audience targetting in the gui (ie. using the web part configuration settings, and audience settings for tabs).  No dice either way.  
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After you make sure all is set in AD. Go to user profile service. Make sure new users are being imported. You can go to user profile and properties and under manager user profile search for new users to check if they are in user profile data base or not.
You can also use this

Try to compile group again under audience. Let us know. Thanks


Hi ufarooq = thanks.   Yes that's what strange.  They are indeed being imported.  I can find them in the list of users in the Profile database.  

Also, the users are able to access the sharepoint sites that are secured using these AD groups.  So on some level SP/IIS are able to detect the groups (for security).  However, for audiences, the engine is not able to properly do audience targetting based on AD group membership.  That's what so strange.

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