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Problem with TS Profile path


I am trying to diagnose a problem with a new terminal server 2008 we have recently installed.

Basically whenever a user tries to log on the server everything works well except for the user profile not being loaded, the system (through the event log) complaining of an invalid network path. The interesting point being that if I type the user's TS profile path into the windows explorer it works just fine... (both within the user session or the admin session on the PDC).

Anyway I have tried to launch Sysinternals ProcMon in the admin session and attempted a user login. Unfortunately I can't find a single event in the ProcMon log referring to the offending network path - so apparently the system is not even trying to access it... All I see is a rather strange (failed) attempt to create a file on the PDC in Path:      \\;RdpDr\;:3\PDCserver\Gentek\

I have tried to clear the TS Profile path - login is successful with a local profile being created. As soon as I re-apply a TS Profile the error reapers.

Any help & suggestion most welcome

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Could you give an example for your network path for clarify the question?

Maybe the problem is related to permissions in network shared to allow the creation of ts profile for the system or the user account.

You can do it eitherway. If you want them to CREATE the folders you have to
make sure they have access at the root directory of the share. on the other
hand you can give them list/read and create the user folder manually then
give them full control of it. Etc, etc there are about a million different
ways to do this.

The profile works just like a normal romaing profile. The local profile (on
the TS server) is created the first time they log in. When the LOGOFF the
profile is copied from the TS box to the shared location. Next time they
login it is copied back down

My Documents and Desktop are part of the Profile. You can use a GPO (in
loopback mode) against the terminal servers to redirect the MY Docs and
Desktop to their Home Dir, (I like my docs redired to the home dir) or to a
network share that they dont have write access too (somethign good for the
Desktop folder)
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well the network path reads as \\someserver\ts-path-for-user

This is shared folder on a file server.

If I enter \\someserver\ts-path-for-user in  windows explorer within the user session it is resolved correctly to a fully writable network share.

The error is specific about a invalid network share, not an access related error (had some access denied errors in the past in such occurrences).

Hope it clarifies my question
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