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I am successfully referencing other controls on my page like this:

var category = document.getElementById("<%= lstCategory.ClientID %>");

However, this does not work for my SAVE button.  

var btn= document.getElementById("<%= btnSave.ClientID %>");

Alert displays "null".

So, I displayed the source after the page is rendered.  And this is the ID for the SAVE button:  ctl00_PageContent_btnSave__Button

So, I did this:

var btn= document.getElementById("<%= ctl00_PageContent_btnSave__Button.ClientID %>");

But this fails at runtime with the following error:

'ctl00_PageContent_btnSave__Button' is not declared.

So, if the declared ID is different than the generated ID, how does one reference this control via Javascript??

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If ctl00_PageContent_btnSave__Button is actually the rendered ID then you don't need to wrap it in ASP tags. You should be able to simply reference it via:

var btn= document.getElementById("ctl00_PageContent_btnSave__Button");



That's it!  alert(btn) is not null.   Thanks.

 Now, I want to disable this button.  But this does not seem to work.

btn.disabled = true;

Any idea why, or what I'm doing wrong?
I think it should work:

Your method is right to get reference of a control with server tags like:
var btn= document.getElementById("<%= btnSave.ClientID %>");

As it doesn't work, try this...

var btn = document.getElementById("ctl00_PageContent_btnSave");
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Try this:



I never got this to work.
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