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start menu icons- missing

working on a computer that had a virus.

i removed the virus and the computer seems to be functioning well.

i have done several scans in safe mode w/ networking and normal boot and all threats have been found, assuming the PC doesnt have a rootkit that Malwarebytes didn't detect.

the virus was windows xp recovery.

when i first got the PC, the desktop and all directories were blank.  the files were still there, but they were all hidden.

after MBAM found and removed the viruses, and after a few reboots, the desktop icons, directories, and some of the start menu icons came back.

however, there are a handful of legit start menu programs that dont show any files when you go to view them.

i ran this .exe tool that i have used on other infected PCs, it is called unhide.exe, but that didnt seem to fix it.

is there something else that i am missing that can help get the remaining start menu files to appear, again?

Windows XP

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