Why the actual number of visitors is much less than expected ?

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Let's suppose that according to Google suggestion tool, a keyword has 10,000 US searches/ day.
In your opinion, why the actual number of US visitors is much less than that even for the #1 position?

What do you think about the fact that for each competitive keyword there are thousand of webmaster that check their position in the SERP everyday ? Could this behavior raise the number of daily searches itself ?
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Tony McCreathTechnical SEO Consultant
Some possible causes:

#1s does not always mean a click. Maybe about 50%
Localisation can mean your only first in your village, which is only a small percentage of the countries searches.
Localisation can mean your pushed of #1s in most of the country by local listing and places entries.
Are you looking a broad search values or exact?
And those fake searches from web masters, as you mentioned.


I forgot to say
10,000 US exact searches/ day

Those that you confirm to be "fake searches", i believed were just an hypothesis because in order to find if i'm on page #1 or page #2, i simply have to browse SERPs, but i don't actually click on any search result like a real user would do.
This means that i'm not visiting any of the SE results. Is this behavior still counted like the other "real" searches ?  In this case the number of monthly searches for competitive keywords is really inflated compared to the real number of visitors.
I think you need to see this:

It explains pretty much exactly what is going on.   The basics:  SEO as we knew it is gone, and searches are now personalized

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