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I have a program which loads my an old act Database into a set of textboxes, and I made some code to copy and insert into my new database. However, the old data has double quotes around each bit of data and I don't have the old DB to remove them on import.

How would I remove the quotes when I populate my new textboxes? Is it best to remove the ASCII equivalent of the quotes?

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If you are looking to remove all quotes, you can use the .Replace method for strings:
<object>.Replace("'"", "")
If you are looking to remove just a first and last quote, then use the .Substring method for strings:
<object>.Substring(2, <object>.Length - 2)


OK, and sorry, noob here.

so, I have...  dim addy as string = txtAddress.txt

                     (click move button)

                    addy.Replace("""", '') = txtAddress2.txt

Am I on the right track here?

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