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Can I consolidate my Reverse Lookup Zones by specifying a more general zone? Are there tools to help me with the records migration?

Folks -

I'd like to reduce the number of Reverse Lookup Zones I have in my forest.  I'm wondering if its possible to do this by specifying a zone with a smaller bit mask and removing the zones with larger masks?

In other words... let us say I own the entire 199.200.x.x Class B range.  If I have a reverse lookup zone for 199.200.100, 199.200.101, 199.200.102, etc.  Is it possible to consolidate these into one zone named 199.200.x.x rather than specifying each Class C segment?  This would allow me to significantly reduce my number of zones with no impact (as far as I see it - am I wrong?)

Second question - Are there any tools to help me migrate the records, static or otherwise, from one zone to another?

Let me know if I need to clarify what I'm after here.
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