ML 110 G6 Raid adding a drive

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I have a HP ML110 G6 with one drive in it.  I have a second drive I would like to add as a Raid 1 configuration.

The raid option appears on the motherboard and we are on the latest bios.

So, can I plug in the second drive, boot the machine
then reboot, enable the raid on the motherboard and congfigure for Raid?
Or is this unbelievably stupid as I will lose all of the data on drive 0?
Identical Sata drives.

I have searched and found issues close, but not quite like this.

Has anyone done this?
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The raid configuration utility will warn you if you are going to remove data from your drive.  When I added a second drive to a DL320 the dialog on the config gave me the option to clone.  The Cloning can run many hours if it is a big drive


Not sure it was spot on for my solution, but will know soon. Closing question until I can actually test it.

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