What does the sign "=>" stands for

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I have a piece of code contains the sign '=>' in C#. I do not understand what it stands for?  Thanks.

InObj = IO.InObj.Single(p => p.inObjId == Convert.ToInt32(Session["InObjID"]));
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It indicates you are using a lambda expression. It's almost like an anonymous function.
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It is the lambda operator, it means "goes to"


"goes to" in your example means

For (p) input, p goes to "p.inObjId == Convert.ToInt32(...)"

It is short hand for writing an anonymous closure, similar to

myclosure(p) {
   return p.inObjId == Convert.ToInt32(Session["InObjID"]));

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Lambda expression is an inline delegate introduced with C # 3.0 language. It’s a concise way to represent an anonymous method. It provides a syntax to create and invoke functions. Although Lambda expressions are simpler to use than anonymous methods, they do slightly differ on how they are implemented. Both anonymous methods and Lambda expressions allow you define the method implementation inline, however, an anonymous method explicitly requires you to define the parameter types and the return type for a method. Lambda expression uses the type inference feature of C# 3.0 which allows the compiler to infer the type of the variable based on the context.

Check Step by Step Implementation with explanation...


Thanks for all the commetns.

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