Getting "File Too Large" or "Out Of Memory" when reading 75 k file made with SaveImage and vsPrinter

dzumwalt used Ask the Experts™
I am trying to save an image of the output made with vsPrinter version 3.0

I am executing a command like below:

SavePicture frmReportPreview.vspReportPreview.Picture, szCurrentFile

This command produces a the attached file. As you can see, the file is only 75 k, but the dimensions are huge. As a result, there are many programs that cannot show the file including the win7 image preview.

Can anybody help with how to get this file to be a more manageable height and width? Page-1.jpg
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Irfanview tells me that it is not a JPG file but a WMF.  When it is expanded, it is only 1.7 MB so I don't think size is the real problem.  It's only a single printed page.


Interesting. I changed the extension to wmf. Seemed to work a little better on a win7 computer. Executing a context menu "open" caused it to open in paint and I could then print it.

Is there any way you know of to output a smaller file .... or to actually output a jpg?
Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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No, I've never used that program.  That is not a large file.  Also, the docs on the web for "vsPrinter control" don't show anything about an image format, just HTML and RTF.

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