I can't seem to map a drive letter in Server 2003

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I have two servers who names are Y1 & Y2.  Each is running Server 2003 with the same Service Packs installed.

Everything was working fine, then 2 days ago I started having a problem accessing my servers (2003). I cannot map them using the computername. I can only map using the ip address.
Here is what happens when I use the computername:
      net use i: \\y1\i
      System error 1396 has occurred.
      Logon Failure: The target account name is incorrect.
-but when I ping the name:  ping y1  -I get a response.

I seemed like a DNS issue, so I went to DNS on both of my servers and saw a problem: I have 2 servers, Y1 and Y2.
The DNS on Y2 has a forward and reverse lookup zone, and lists server Y1.
The DNS on Y1 has only a forward lookup zone and lists only itself (Y1). When I try to add Y2, I get the message "Access was denied. Would you like to add it anyway?"  I try to put in Y2 manually. It's there now, but with the message "Cannot contact the DNS server".
I try to put up a reverse lookup zone using the wizzard, but at the "finish" I get an error: "The zone cannot be replicated etc. because the required application directory partition does not exist etc. Only Enterprise Administrators have the appropriate permissions to create it."  Of course I am a Enterprise Administrator, so the message is meaningless.

I tried all the small stuff, like NETDIAG /FIX , IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS,   I restarted both machines. No dice. Help!    

Two more points:
When I try to force replication in AD Sites and Services (at either server), I get an error: "The target principal name is incorrect"
NSLOOKUP on the server name gives me the ip address of my internet provider.
>nslookup y2.yetedot.biz
DNS request timed out.  timeout was 2 seconds.
*** Can't find server name for address Timed out
Server: dns2.bezeqint.net

I hope I provided all the information.  Thx a million!!
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Do you remember any changes you may before this happen? How these two servers are connected on the network via switch or a router?

net use /delete *

Should clear out any maps, but will delete all maps. Might correct the error after that.
I figured out the solution.  Here it is.  A sincere thanks to  toroblanco2002  and to JHULBE1.
= =
  The AD stopped replicating between the 2 servers. It passed the tombstone time (60 days) without replication, and I didn't see it because I don't have many changes going down. But after the 60 days, the DNS could not access the AD, so one DNS became independent of the other since it dropped its AD syncronization. Then Y1 couldn't see anything that Y2 was resolving, including Y2 itself. So the DNS name Y2 became unusable for machines that use Y1 as their DNS. Eventually nobody could use either server by name (y1 or y2), only by ip addr.

The solution to resucitate diabled replication  is in http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc757610(WS.10).aspx 


That's it!! Wow. Thx.

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