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  We have a 100 mbs fast ethernet wan line over our service provider connected to  layer 3 router on both sides. For a design I want to connect this line to a layer 2 switch at both ends and do vlan trunking across it (for a vmware stretch vlan). As it is a ethernet layer 2 line is a matter just plugging in  each side and creating a trunk. I contacted my service provider the initial response they have said it is ?? But i want a second opionion as i was under the impression to do this we would have to have a line that supports qinq to go over the sp overlay network. They do have another specfic qinq product on there website i am just questionating   whether the information given to me by their repersentive is correct and his not mistaken
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You are right, the line would need to have QinQ enabled.
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I agree, the service you would need is a QinQ service; the reason for this is, the current handoff to you is already a member of a vlan in their infrastructure, to tag additional vlans would require a protocol that is capable of encapsulating a trunking protocol into another trunking protocol:  IEEE 802.1ad (Dot1q tunnel). You could however, utilize a  pseudowire endpoint to accomplish something similiar, but it will not allow you to create a trunk.

It will require additional overhead (operationally and administratively).


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