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Detecting when a VM is vMotioned

Here's the problem - we have a series of RHEL and Windows VMs that are hosted in a VMware DRS/HA cluster configuration. As 'guests' of the hosted environment, we do not have any access to the actual ESXi hosts nor can we use the vCenter console client to see the ESXi hosts nor the VMs on them. In the past few weeks, we have seen a number of our Windows and RHEL VMs encounter some heavy performance issues that last a second to as much as ten, similar to that of when a VM gets vMotioned. Our provider says that nothing like that has happened, however when we ask for an actual vMotion 'test' to be performed in real-time, the actual and seen result comes back just like before.

All of our RHEL and Windows VMs have the VMware Tools installed on them. On the RHEL VMs, we have been toying around with the VMware Guest SDK, but it's rather limited on documentation and examples.

So, from within a RHEL or Windows Guest VM, is it possible to monitor and/or detect when it is vMotioned? If so, are there any script or code examples available? We were planning on using something like Solar Winds or Nagios to alert us when such a detection is discovered.

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