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Looking for "Visual Editor" for Joomla

I  looking for a visual editor that will enable me to add, change,move modules in an easier way.
I am not looking for something that will create new Template like Artisteer or Dreamweaver.
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Randy Downs
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You missunderstood me.
I am not looking for a "content editor".
I am looking for something that will help me with building and maintaing the site.
If i am not wrong i think you are looking for a Template creator ? As everything else in joomla is GUI.
couple of ways of creating joomla templates. As you mentioned Artisteer is a good component to create a template also you if you have good programming skills you can create a template in Photoshop CS and then covert it to joomla template.
I emphesized in my question that I am not looking for Template creator (and gave an example Artisteer). I amlooking for visual editor after I have the Template to locate and edit the modules and menus.
Editing Menu means doing two things.
1>>> Either adding/Editing or changing a link/button in the menu
2>>>Or Changing Style, Colour, Shadows, and appearance.  
as position of the menu can be changed as it menu works as module.

You can perform the first task visually through joomla back end for second task you need to edit css.

for Module changes you have asked in your question "add, change, move modules in an easier way"
I can recommend couple of things which help me.

First of all use this code in the end of your domain url "tp=1"
this will show you all the module positions in the template which will make it easier for you to publish contents.
You can add a module in Module Manager > Click on New Module and then selecting type and adding custom code if you want.
Also you can duplicate an existing module by copying it so you can use one module twice.
You can change the module positioning by editing the module and selecting desired position.

for Adding a custom module position you would need to edit template index.php and CSS files

Also you can make some easy changes to your CSS to move existing module slightly up and down left and right few pixels depending on the template you are using.

If you can tell us on your site what you are trying to achieve or specifically what the issue is we might be able to assist you further.
Hi Javedtariq,

All this I already knew.
I am looking for something like "Artisteer 2" but that I can work on existing site,
It looks like there is no such thing.
If I will not get any suggestion, I will give you the points for trying to assist.
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