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DFS Root problems with 2003R2 to 2008R2

I have been trying to move from a 2003R2 File Server to a 2008R2 file server for 8 days now.

3 weeks ago were were a 2003R2 only site.

I added a 2008 domain controller, a 2008R2 file server.

We are using dfs, so i added the 2008 domain controller as a dfs namespace server.

I migrate folders to the new 2008R2 server using robocopy,the i make the new location active in dfs (and the old one inactive).

after 15 minutes the new dfs root on the 2008r2 server starts working.

Now my users start locking up when they try to open the root folder for the domain.

I did find where I had to add a SMB2 registery setting under lanmanserver\paramaters due to 2003r2 to 2008r2 problems - I made that change yesterday and rebooted but today when i try to migrate folders, the users start locking up when they try to open \\domain\root.

should i remove the 2008r2 server as a namespace server?  if so how?

any other ideas?
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