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I am trying to debug my sharepoint application but I keep getting the error you see below.  I am using SharePoint 2007 on windows server 2008. SharePoint Error
I do notice that when I attach to the process, the User Name says "NETWORK SERVICE".

Is that right?  Shouldnt be some type of sharepoint service account?
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who's account log on the local machine?

have you tried to check the "Show proccess from all users" on the attach to proccess window?
before starting Visual Studio

Right click the Icon of VS and select Run as Administrator .
then open your project
then attach to the applicationpool process.

best  of luck.
IsaacSharePoint Client Side Developer


Yes, I've done all this but it's to no avail.
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if this is a 2008 R2

Have you tried to turn off user account control

go to control panel - user accounts - turn off user account control.

that will require a reboot
IsaacSharePoint Client Side Developer


user account control is already off.
IsaacSharePoint Client Side Developer


Thanks Game-master!
It seems that there is a policy blockin the debug to work.

Good Morning!

I'm glad I could give some idea..
Thanks for the points.

Best Regards,

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