How do I "explode" this value

Bruce Gust
Bruce Gust used Ask the Experts™
Here' what I've got:

if(isset($_POST['chkbox_' . $row['id'] ]))
      $vivian_explosion= explode("_", $_POST['chkbox_' . $row[id]);
      echo $vivian_explosion[0];

I've got a value coming in, which is sound, but I need to retrieve the id and I'm blowing it at the "$vivian_explosion" line.

I'm getting this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting ']' in /home/content/b/r/u/brucegust/html/adm/playlist_featured_update.php on line 20

Line 20 is the vivian_explosion thing. What am I missing?
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Missing ]
$vivian_explosion= explode("_", $_POST['chkbox_' . $row[id]]);

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