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I have created a .bat file that will move/copy txt files from folder to another. I want this bat file to run every 5 min. Everything I have read says that I should use Microsoft Schedule Task function. I was testing it on an older computer and I think I understand how to create a task except one part. Once the task is made and you go into the advance options under the "schedule" tab, there is the option for "Until." You can set either "Time" or "Duration." If I want it to run everyday should I put 23:55? That way it will get reset everyday?
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yes - start it at 12:01 AM and end it at 23:57ish...
every 5 minutes
and check the box that says "kill the task if it is still running" if you want...
is there a possibility of not having finished in 5 minutes??


It is only moving text files, no more than 10, so it should easily be done in 5 mintues.

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