Need to Change the Default ActiveSync policy to disabled - Exchange 2007

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We need to change the default ActiveSync Policy from enabled (allowing active sync for an individual mailbox) to disabled for new mailbox creation.

We have successyly run a power shell command to disable existing mailboxes, and then gone in and enabled the few that are "allowed" to run active sync, but we want to make the default for any new mailboxes Activesynce set to disabled.

Aplogies in advance for any "obvious" solutions that we may have missed.
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DevOps Engineer
As far as I've found you can't.  I have a script that pulls from an "allowed" CSV then disables it for all others.
Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
Top Expert 2010
There isn't a default mailbox features setting that you can set. You have to run set-casmailbox
-activesyncenabled $false on the mailboxes in EMS after they are created. All users are created with all features that are available in the environment enabled. You would need to use a mailbox creation script that creates a mailbox and then disables ActiveSync in order to do what you want.


Thanks guys.

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