Is there a way to restart the TCP/IP task on an IBM z/OS system?

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Every time our server loses the IP connection we end up performing a Power-On Reset (POR) to recover. There's gotta be a better way! Isn't there a way to recycle the TCP/IP task?
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What?  You do a POR when a server looks a IP connect?  

I would need more detail about what is happing but you defininlty do not need to do a POR unless you are loosing hardware.

On z/OS TCPIP runs as a started task and if it fails, you should have a TON of problems other than one server losing connection.  If TCP/IP were to fail, you just restart it.

Definitintly no POR, at most you may need to IPL.  But only because IPL'ing in some instances is easier that going through all of the recover steps for the applications that use TCP/IP services.


I haven't managed an MVS (z/OS) system in years, but I suspected that there had to be a better way than executing a POR. Unfortunately, I don't remember how to recycle a started task. Can you provide some (general) instructions?
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If TCP/IP is still up there should be no reason to stop and restart it, especially if only a single task has an issue.  If you stop an restart TCP/IP, then every task that is using TCP/IP will have problems.

Typically it would be "P taskname" and then "S taskname".  Most shops use TCPIP as the default task name for the primary IP stack.  

Just remember, yanking TCPIP out from a working functional task could cause a TON of problems.

If it is just a single task having problems, then either their should be a modify command to that task to reopen its TCP port or you should recycle that single task.

If something here got so bad we had to recycle TCPIP, we would just IPL because its easier and quicker than trying to recover the multitude of tasks that use it.

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