Windows 7 Sysprep error message.

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I have done all the steps necessary for installing WAIK. I've updated it with the latest updates. I followed Microsoft's instructions on how to prepare a machine for imaging. I've got my machine ready for imagex. I run sysprep, use with WinPE for Imagex. I capture my image then redeploy it to the destination computer. When I reboot, I get the error message: "Windows could not start the installation process".  

I am missing something here. I keep thinking "WTF am I doing wrong? What steps or procedures am I missing? Or should i do a hostile take over of Microsoft just so that I can fire all the jerks who decided to complicate the sysprep process. (that is a joke)

All I am wanting to do is rip out the sids on the reference computer and deploy the image to the destination computers.  Is there some why that I can just a way or program to rip the SIDS out of my image so that I am not having to spin my wheels on figuring this junk out?
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With 7 you don't have to rip the SIDS out.
You may want to consider that the drivers,  especially the disk drivers, might not be present in your image to function on the new computer.  You may wish to review this article about how to insert said drivers into your image before installing on your new PC.

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You are incorrect - please re-read Mark's blog post - while SIDs are not the concern they once were, you still need to run sysprep if you want the system to operate properly.

You said:
"I followed Microsoft's instructions on how to prepare a machine for imaging." - what instructions?

"I run sysprep, use with WinPE for Imagex." HOW?  What switches are you using for sysprep?  For imagex?

"What steps or procedures am I missing?" How can we know when you haven't said anything specific about the steps you've done... just that you've done them.

What kind of media are you building the image from?

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