Data validation checks - Automated rules driven

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Guys/Gals, would any of you know of any tools/methods out there which would allow me to list some validation rules, all within Excel?

e.g. no blanks for column N
e.g. if column X="Y" then column Y must not be blank

etc etc

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plz check the attachment


Ramanhp, thank you for the response, I should have been very clear in my request however;

Using the Data-Validation options is not an option as I will need to run the desired rules against a set of data which is provided to me, generating a list of issues as the validation checks are run and trapping errors.

basically, my team has been handed a process which has a check list of about 80 validation checks, its now almost midnight in London and I am still in work going through them!!!!!

This should be a process which takes about 10 seconds for a VBA program to run through, not 2 hours performed manually!!!!

I can write one for sure in VBA, I just wondered if there was one out there already?
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The answer is no, there is not. The reason is that you are describing a very complex and unique set of conditions. If a generic tool were to be written it would have to handle a gazillion variables and would not be of much use to too many people. In other words it isn't worth it. At some point it's easier to just roll your own. I happen to be doing the vary same thing right now - writing a table-driven validator to validate input from various unreliable sources.



Kevin, I was afraid that you would say that.

I have my own ideas and will probably pursue those, but as you are part way through the process already, at a very high level, what is your approach to this?


Thank you Kevin, apologies for the very late response.

Didn't quite offer what I was hoping but a correct response nonetheless

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