Dell E6410 power on button doesn't work

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I have a E6410 with A07 bios that does not power on by power button, or power off by holding power button. The only way to boot the laptop is to remove and reseed battery or to unplug and plug the AC back in. II have checked the BIOS settings and WAKE ON AC is disabled.

I have removed the hard drive and it still acts this way. What is the BIOS could still be controlling it?

thank you
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I did a dell chat and they think it is the system board. I will see what happens when i get it and replace it. Hopefully I will know the results in a couple of days.
A #1 phillips driver is a must for working on Dells; most of the screw slots on them are #1 rather than the 'standard' #2 phillips size; A few on the inside are size #0.

I must say the layout of the removing/replacing parts section in the E6410 Service Manual is the poorest of any Dell service manual I've ever seen. e.g. in the procedure for the System Board, they use the same picture 4 times, though it's relevant only to step 23 (unplugging the power connector). Likewise, the page showing how to remove/replace the Display uses the same illustration 6 times, though it really indicates only the (4) screw locations that hold the LCD panel/frame in the top cover... in fact, the 2 times it's used for steps 10 and 11 it's confusing, since the screws referenced in those steps (which hold the frame on the panel) are NOT the screws called out in the image.
Did you take out the battery and hold down the power button for 20s  ?
This could be your problem.
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Jackie Man IT Manager
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There are no settings in BIOS to control the response / behaviour of the power button.

It is hardware issue.

There is a fix from the link below, but I will not recommend it to try at all.

Your Dell E6410 should be pretty new and should be still in warranty. Call Dell for service / repairs.
That ehow link isn't really relevant.

The E6410's power button is under the palm rest assembly, and cannot be removed as shown in that article.  :-|
thanks for the responses. i recieved the dell system board, installed and all is well now.

thanks again.


chat with dell tech. worked out the solution to try 1st was system board... received and installed. laptop power button is working now.

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