Which company is the best web hosting provider to meet the following criteria...?

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We've been hosting a number of our sites with a local provider for years, but we're looking to find a more affordable solution for some clients.

Which companies would be the best COST-EFFECTIVE PROVIDERs based on the following criteria?

• Commercial website with anywhere from 11,000 to 45,000 visitors/month
• Total size of site: 130 MB
• PHP; Microsoft SQL
• Ability to have multiple domains hosted on one account
• Ability to have multiple FTP users if necessary
• Good customer service
• RELIABLE!!! (<-- Although I would think this would be obvious)
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I've always used GoDaddy and I like them a lot.

GoDaddy's web hosting control panel is the most full-featured, administrator friendly web hosting control panel I've used. Their control panels are very complete, and they do not "dumb down" or "re-label" any of the standard terminology for you - basically they assume you already understand the concepts of web hosting, domains, DNS records, SSL, FTP etc.

It's a perfect webhost for somebody who is a web administrator, not just a non-technical user.

A basic plan with them would be more than enough to support your site, but if you want some more muscle or flexibility a virtual dedicated server or dedicated server is also available for reasonable prices.

And I find their tech support and sales to actually be good, as opposed to the complete garbage I've experienced elsewhere ;)



Thank you for your response...

I have all of my domains registered with GoDaddy, and I have a couple of smaller sites hosted with them, but I've been concerned about trusting them with more heavily trafficked sites. And sadly, reading online reviews hasn't helped.

It seems like GoDaddy gets a lot of bashing from folks reviewing hosting services. The thing I want to avoid is taking my clients on a roller-coaster ride trying to find another hosting solution if GoDaddy doesn't deliver.

If I remember correctly, you can't set up multiple FTP users on GoDaddy's shared hosting, right?


u've to check this one.
i've 8 years with them untill now.



Thank you

Just checked my GoDaddy control panel for one of my basic hosting accounts, and it looks like you can setup multiple FTP users to me. See attached screenshot of the hosting control panel. For me, I can have 50 FTP users.

I guess I can't comment on how well they scale - most of my websites don't get more than 2000-3000 hits per month, but I have never personally had a problem with GoDaddy

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