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File Counts - Multiple Directories - Looking for certain words

I need a script that would search multiple directories for files that contain the words "performance" and then the word "experience" and return a count for each word.  

Then export the results to a CSV file that lists the results for directory 1 listing the performance files by name and then list the Experience files by name and then the total count for each type (i.e. Performance and Experience) and the same for directory 2 and so on......

The multiple directories would be listed in a DirList.txt file.

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Can the "Performance" or "experience" appear in the files more than once in a specific line?
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The words "performance" and/or "experience" will only be in the file name once.
In the file name or within the file?
In the file name
Hope you want something like this, as the output you requested is not very structured, but I tried to put it into a table:
$where = Get-Content C:\ee\dirlist.txt

$where | %{
    $actdir = $_
    "" | Select-Object @{n="Directory"; e={"$actdir"}}, Group, Files, PerformaceFiles, ExperienceFiles 
    dir $actdir | ? {!$_.psiscontainer -and $ -match "performance|experience"} | % {$p=$e=0} {
        $file = $_ 
        switch -regex (${
            performance {$p++; $file | Add-Member -MemberType noteproperty -Name Label -Value "Performance" -PassThru }
            experience {$e++; $file | Add-Member -MemberType noteproperty -Name Label -Value "Experience" -PassThru }
    } | Group-Object -Property label | %{
        $group = $_
        "" | Select-Object Directory, @{n="Group"; e={$}}, Files, PerformaceFiles, ExperienceFiles 
        Select-Object -InputObject $_ -ExpandProperty group  | Sort-Object -Property name |
            Select-Object @{n="Directory";e={""}},group,@{n="Files";e={$}}, PerformaceFiles, ExperienceFiles 
    New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{
        Directory = $actdir
        PerformaceFiles = $p
        ExperienceFiles = $e
    } | Select-Object -Property Directory, group, PerformaceFiles, ExperienceFiles 
}  | Export-Csv c:\ee\pstat.csv -NoTypeInformation -UseCulture

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That works for all files listed in the directories.  However, I only need the results to return the files that were created yesterday and today.
You have not mentioned this before! I'll do it soon.
I apologize.  It was in my orginal post that I was going to post, but I removed it.
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I posted another question if you are interested.  If not, I understand that you have a life and other things to do besides write POSH scripts for me.  I do appreciate all of your respsonses though.