W2k3 DC replacing with new Server w2k8

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We just got a new x64 server from Dell and it has W2K8 standard OS.  It is brand new, no roles setup yet, and has been added to our domain.

I see the accepted answer in the post, and it seems to be my answer, but I am looking to make sure it is still suggested way.

I need to keep our current Domain Controller (we have only 1) running while I do this.
I need to transfer AD and DNS and DC settings from W2K3 server to new W2k8 server with minimal downtime.
I then plan on removing W2k3 server from the network.

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Process is as follows:
Run ADPREP32 on your 2003 machine (I assume its 32bit) to update the schema
Add your 2008 machine as a member server to the domain
Make the 2008 machine an Additional DC - (use DCPROMO or add the Domain Controller Role)
Make sure that the new 2008 Machine is also a Global Catalog - it will be by default
Add the DNS role to the 2008 machine - AD Integrated DNS will replicate automatically
Transfer the FSMO roles to the 2008 Machine
Move DHCP (if being used to the 2008 Machine)
Cofigure DHCP and anny machines using a Static IP to use the 2008 Machine as their DNS server.

Run DCDIAG to check for any issues

Power down the 2003 machine to check all is OK

If all is OK then you can DCPROMO the 2003 Machine to remove its DC Role, then If yoy want remove it from the domain.
Alternativlty you can leave the 2003 Machine on the domain as an additional DC for redundancy.


Ok, this seems that it will not be too bad, maybe even sounds too easy.

I have a few questions.

1)  "Configure machines using static IP to use 2008 DNS"

Is there a quick way of doing this or do I need to go to each machine?

2) ADPREP32.  Do I run this using the 2008 CD or is there a tool already for this?

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If the machines have a static IP then there is no option but to go to each one and set the DNS server address manually

ADPREP32 is on the 2008 CD  - you will find two versions of ADPREP on Server 2008 DVD - ADPREP32 (to run on existing 32bit systems) and ADPREP for existing 64 bit systems)


I was reading through the steps and have a question about transfer of FSMO.

The instructions say:  "Transfer the FSMO roles to the 2008 Machine"

Question:  if I plan to keep the current DC working while I setup the new DC, if I run the steps to transfer the FSMO roles to the new DC, will the current DC stop working or cause issues on the network?

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No the old DC will still function.

Before moving roles run dcdiag to check health of DC.

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