VS 2005 Debugger is not working

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VS 2005

I have installed VS 2005. I have an existing project which i changed the configuration settings to Debug Mode.

For some reasons, my break point is not detecting.

While, when i created a Test Windows Application - Break point is detecting.

What could be the reasons for VS 2005 not running the debugger mode ?
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I've seen this happen before and I think it is just a bug in VS.

Out of frustration, I do:
  Debug -> Delete All Breakpoints
  Add the breakpoint back
  Rebuild all
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Are there any errors or warnings in the error window before running the debugger? Are you able to switch from "Source" view to "Design" view without error? Is it possible that the breakpoint cannot be reached because of flawed logic?


From the Comment ID: 35772041

I tried the same.

1) I deleted all break points
2) Rebuild All

I didnt face this issue for New Projects. When i am trying to work on an existing project which i copied from another computer to this newly installed computer - i face the problem !!

Whether i am missing debugger attachment ?
I found the Solution for this Comment.

When we try to run an existing project from a new VS 2005, it some scenarios it fails to debug.

So, we have to delete the bin files. Both debug and release.

On doing so, we are building the application from the scratch. It works like new solution file.

This will reactivate your debug mode.


my comment became the solution for my posting

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