how to create a frontpage 2003 forms email results using the Action command?

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I created a form on a website and want to have the resuts emailed to me via custom form handler "action".  Could someone help me out?

Method: POST

But when I try to configure another site nothing happens.  My question is what is the code I need to put in the Actions part of the customer form handler, and what else do I need to configure to make it work.  Here is an example of how I want it to work here: (free assessment).  Thanks.

The code below is the working code for  I am trying to get it to work on new site.
This is the working code: index.html?mailId=0uPU3aHgy%2Bic3Mbo&page_to_redirect=index.html&countInput=11&email_campaign=savings_assessment_autoresponder

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Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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The code for '' could work Only if something is processing the HTML files.  Sometimes that is done by running them thru the PHP or ASP handler but that has to be setup on the server.  

To use the FrontPage methods, FrontPage support has to be installed on your server.  To use other methods like PHP or ASP, you have to write a routine/page that will receive your form info and process it to send out an email.  Some hosting services have pre-written forms or methods that you can use.
You cannot really "program" a FrontPage form unfortunately.  You can direct the form to a confirmation page though.  That will be the easiest way.  And make sure you publish the FrontPage website via Frontpage (and not FTP).  Frontpage Forms are very finicky to say the least.  
James MurrellProduct Specialist

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