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Mystery Horizontal Scrolling


I am working on this site:  - I see this horizontal scroll bar only on product pages and not on any others. I keep looking for overflow:auto, but cant find anything.


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I am assuming that it might have something to do with this

body.product_bg {
    background: url("images/inner_bg.gif") repeat-x scroll left 0 #EEEEEE;

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which is what I see in firebug with firefox.
Try taking the scroll out.
actually looking further I see scroll mentioned in all of these.
body.home_bg {
    background: url("images/home_bg.gif") repeat-x scroll left 0 transparent;
body.inner_bg {
    background: url("images/inner_bg.gif") repeat-x scroll left 0 #EEEEEE;
body.product_bg {
    background: url("images/inner_bg.gif") repeat-x scroll left 0 #EEEEEE;
body.product_bg #wrapper {
    background: url("images/product_bg.gif") no-repeat scroll 0 180px transparent;

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I removed those and still has that scrollbar. Tried on various pages too.
You're using a grid framework (960.css) but you have overwritten the grid_4 style of width:220px; with width:296px; in style.css.
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you seem to have a div.grid_10 without correct container in your product page markup (see div#trademark). Maybe that's the reason?
@Chavia just tried tweaking that and didnt work. I thought that was it though. Looking in firebug it extended a ton.
But shouldn't you have a container-class declared in/below div#product_page?

Right now product_summary is a grid_8 contained in another grid_8. That seems odd because grid_8 has a predefined width + margin!
I see what you're saying!

I changed that to grid_7 and still scrollbars.
I am no grid960 expert, but what about cleaning your code up, like this:

<div id="product_page">
  <div class="top_title grid_7"> </div>
  <div class="clear"></div>
  <div class="product_nav_right grid_6"></div>
  <div class="clear"></div>
  <div id="product_summary" class="grid_8"></div>
  <div class="clear"></div>    
  <div id="benefits" class="grid_4 prod_list"></div>        
  <div id="benefits" class="grid_3 prod_list"></div>  
  <div class="clear"></div>
  <div class="entry-content grid_8 alpha omega"></div>  
  <div class="clear"> </div>
  <div id="trademark" class="grid_8 alpha omega"></div>
  <div class="clear"></div>
<div class="grid_8 alpha omega"></div>

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I added some div.clear and some .alpha/.omega classes

Besides: I only see scrollbars in IE, not in FF. And removing  .grid_7 had an effect for me, don't know why.
Sorry, I forgot .alpha and .omega on div#product_summary.
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