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I created my Active Directory with .LOCAL(mail.mydomain.local)
After i  installed exchange 2010 server i cant send mail and receive.
I wrote in DNS,  MX mail.mydomain.local
But still cant

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.local is a non-routable domain.  You need to have a public (routable) domain name registered and pointing to your server's public IP.  You then need to add the domain to Exchange 2010 as a domain that it's authorized to use (have a .local for active directory is fine - even recommended).
Is it a test lab or production ?
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oh sorry ,i have a .com domain,before i did my exchange server with my .com domain and worked very well.
after that i did my lab server with .local sufix but i do not know how to do.

i did on the router pointed to my exchange server ports 25,110

dns record is mail.mydomain.com
what do i need to do more i do not know?


i just want to know

when exchange server is mydomain.local
what do i need to write in DNS server.My real FQDN mydomain.com or mydomain.local. Wich address should be in dns MX record?
in the internal DNS server no need to add MX record.

only in the external DNS, so it should be .com.


i do not have external dns  what you mean with it?
in the domain control panel ( for example godaddy).


in the domain control panel ( for example godaddy).  ??? puzzle for me
in Domain Controller oder in exchange
No need to do anything in internal DNS (for EX record) . no DC nor exchange.

Do you purchase a domain ? for example domain.com... there you have to add the MX record. in public DNS.

moreover, MX record only necessary to be able to receive emails from external users only.... internally no need to add mx record.

hope that would be clear....


yes now i understood thanks

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